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Wars are part of every civilization. Both small tribes and mighty nations in Africa have been involved in war since people first carved knives out of stone. The development of metals, such as copper, bronze and iron, meant the weapons of war became much more powerful.

The continent itself was rich with natural resources. Heavy farming in North Africa, however, caused the land to become dry and barren. Soon the desert land of the Sahara became the dominant feature. Food became hard to grow which meant some tribes had to fight to get access to food.

Sometimes people fought to protect a river shore for safe fishing. At other times they had to defend against kingdoms from across the sea. Traders came from Europe and Asia to bargain and sometimes to steal supplies and resources.

People also came to force their culture or religion on the inhabitants of Africa in religious crusades. Over the centuries, wars have been fought nearly everywhere on the continent. Even today, African countries are embroiled in brutal conflicts over borders, religion, tribal disputes, or resources.

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