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The development of the African Cultural Center USA web site was a joint effort of a student team from the San Francisco State Multimedia Studies Program, Teaming for Technology, San Francisco, and African Cultural Center USA, a non-profit organization.

The production team consisted of students enrolled in the MSP's Web Design Intensive Program. The team members who created this website are:

Dr. Katarina Bakerova, Mindee Kashiwagi, and Richard Sinrich

The content of this site is correct and accurate to the best of our knowlege.
All Rights Reserved © African Cultural Center USA.


The team would like to thank John Rutter from National Geographic for his professionalism and support, Jorgos Kiurtsidis for his technical and nutritional guidance, Kirk Clyne for his attention to detail and mentoring, and the Digital Library Project.


Gerald and Buff Corsi, California Academy of Sciences: Plains Zebra, White Rhinoceros, Black-backed jackal, Gray crowned-crane, Impala, Anjiro, Antananariro, Samburu National Park, Cheetah, Ring tailed lemur, African Elephant

H. Vannoy Davis, California Academy of Sciences: African fish-eagles, Palmetto gecko, Common scimitarbill, Buffalo

Francis Elizabeth Hanan, California Academy of Sciences: Sahara (from airplane), Dancing, Zambezi River

Dr. Lloyd Glenn Ingles, California Academy of Sciences: Bush baby

Arthur J. Emmrich, California Academy of Sciences: Superb starling

George Morris McDonald: Africa

Dr. Robert Thomas and Margaret Orr: Africa

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