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The continent of Africa is almost as old as the earth itself. At one time, it was the foundation of a huge super continent called Pangaea. Over millions of years, other continents have shifted and drifted apart due to earthquakes, violent volcanic eruptions and the movement of the oceans. Africa's location has not changed drastically throughout the centuries.

In Africa today, you can find plants that have existed since the age of the dinosaurs. Our human predecessors roamed the grasslands and rain forests of ancient Africa. The ability to stand, walk, and adapt to changing circumstances was learned by the these first human beings.

Originating in Africa, people spread throughout the world and populated all its continents. Initially, people moved across the land from Africa to Asia. Generation by generation, people slowly changed and adapted to each new land that they encountered. This migrant wandering led to the settlement of Asia, Europe, and eventually the Americas.

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