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Dating from 4500 years ago, ancient Egypt is the oldest and most dynamic of all early kingdoms known to have flourished on the continent of Africa. Egypts early strength was the Nile River, the longest river in the whole world. It runs from two little riversthe White Nile, which runs from Lake Victoria, and the Blue Nile in the Nubian Mountains. These two rivers flowed all the way to the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea.
ancient egyptian ancient egyptians ancient egyptian King Tutankhamen ancient egyptians

The Nile, like many rivers, has seasons of flooding. During the floods the water overflows its riverbanks and soaks the surrounding land with rich fertile nutrients. The result is a fabulous region for growing food.This ability to grow food allowed the early pharaohs of Egypt to trade all over the world. Egypt created a civilization that stood from 2700 BC, for 30 dynasties, until they were overtaken by the Greeks and Romans around 300 BC.

They built huge cities and great structures that would be hard to create with all our modern cranes and motors today. The Egyptians built pyramids in which to bury their Pharaohs. They studied the stars and seasons to predict weather, dug great canals, and built big ships to trade with other civilizations on the Mediterranean Sea.

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