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The giraffe is common in both eastern and southern Africa.

The umbrella thorn is one of the most widespread trees in seasonally dry areas of Africa.

The Dama gazelle inhabits all of the Sahara from east to west and the Sudan.

The schimitar-horned oryx is confined to a narrow strip between Mauritania and the Red Sea.

The cheetah was once found all over Africa, but it is now endangered in most of its former ranges.

The spotted hyena was historically found throughout Africa, south of the Sahara Desert.

The lion now survives in greatest number where humans are sparse.

The demoiselle crane is found in north east Africa. The future for these birds is more secure than for many cranes, since they are so numerous and adaptable.

The mandrill lives in parts of west Africa.Its habitat, tropical forests, are being destroyed at such a high rate.

The potto is found in central and west Africa. The primary threat to the survival of the potto is habitat destruction.

The chimpanzee is found in west and central Africa. The populations have been reduced and fragmented by human encroachment into their habitats.

The bongo lives in parts of west Africa, Zaire, southern Sudan, Kenya, and the Congo. Habitat destruction, poaching and illegal trapping are leading to its endangerment.

The gray parrot is one of the few parrots found in Africa.

The gorilla lives in the mountain ranges between Rwanda, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Uganda where it is hunted by poachers for its meat and menaced by intense logging.

The umbrella thorn is the dominant tree in many savanna communities and provides an important source of shade for both wild and domesticated animals.

The leopard orchid is a species from South Africa. This orchid is named for the bold brown markings that spot the yellow blossoms.


The African elephants natural habitat is forested savanna. Poaching for ivory is the primary cause of its endangered status.

The false mufuti occurs in the north and east of Zimbabwe.

The zebra is found in southeastern Africa. Zebras have been hunted both for their hides and for food.

The southern ground hornbill can be found from South Africa to Kenya.

The leopards habitat ranges across most of the African continent, with the exception of the Sahara Desert region.

The sable antelope can be found in south eastern Kenya, Angola, and South Africa. Urgent action is needed to keep this animal off the extinction list.

The king protea is the national flower of South Africa

The southern double-collared sunbird lives in South Africa.

The Erica junonia is blooming African plant.

The bontebok is classified as vulnerable. It lives in the grasslands and coastal plains in the southwestern tip of South Africa.

The cape scarab beetle can be found in South Africa.

The cape mole rat is a subterranean rodent who is found in southern Africa.

The geometric tortoises habitat is in Western Cape of South Africa.

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