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Although the African continent is home to many species of exotic animals and plants, decades of logging, sport hunting, poaching, civil wars, pollution, and other human interferences have taken their toll on the wildlife. African and foreign countries looking for oil, diamonds, and other resources have destroyed both animals and their habitats.

The destruction of the rain forest will not only kill thousands of different species, it will also disrupt the earth's atmospherea disaster for both these life forms and humankind. The plants the rainforest contains are used for both food and medicine; the plants also absorb a great deal of solar energy. If they are destroyed, the earth may experience global warming which will alter fragile ecosystems.

One of the main causes of the rapid destruction of the rainforest is that people clear land to make room for housing and farming. Nations also also allow the logging of the forests, since the sale of timber can provide revenue that can help finance schools and hospitals. Scientists and activists around the globe are working to conserve the African rainforest. To learn about how you can help, please visit the resources page.

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