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Nature relies on delicate balances of plant and animal life to remain healthy. When one part of that equation is altered, our flora and fauna can be put in danger. Although change is a natural part of our evolving world, changes that occur at a pace that is too rapid has a disastrous effect on individual species of plants and animals.

Habitat loss at an unprecedented pace is the primary cause of the endangerment of species in Africa. As the rainforests are logged for wood and exploited for other natural resources, hundreds of species are put in danger of existing no more. Many animals also suffer due to overexploitation or poaching.
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Follow the animal links and discover more about Africa's endangered species!

Other factors include disease and pollution. If a species has not developed a natural protection against certain diseases, it can have an effect on that specie. For example, rabies and canine distemper viruses are destroying carnivore populations in East Africa.

As more and more people realize that the loss of any of our plants or animals impacts our own quality of life on this planet, efforts to conserve endangered species grow stronger. Visit our resources section to learn how you can help conserve Africa’s wildlife.
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